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Adele at Cincinnati Hills Animal Clinic
Adele at Cincinnati Hills Animal Clinic
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Adele at Cincinnati Hills Animal Clinic
Veterinary Assistant







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Our Companion Team

Following graduation from veterinary school, Dr. Carullo moved to beautiful (yet often rainy) Portland, Oregon.  There she worked as an associate veterinarian at a thriving small animal hospital.  After three years in Oregon, she and her family decided ‘there was no place like home’, and to leave the Pacific Northwest.  Moving closer to home opened the door to pursue her dream of veterinary practice ownership in Ohio.  Dr. Carullo and her husband live in Cincinnati with their daughters, two dogs (Martin and Hazel), Horse (Hans), Donkey (Sisko), Pig (Kevin Bacon), and Chickens + Bees.

Dr. Katherine (Katie) Carullo received her Bachelor of Arts degree, with a double major in Zoology and Environmental Studies from Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio. Dr. Carullo spent her summers during that time, working as a wrangler on a guest horse and cattle ranch in Wyoming. Immediately following her undergraduate work, she focused the next three years gaining an introduction to veterinary medicine, as an assistant in a high performing small animal practice.  These valuable experiences and the support of strong mentors, served to shape her desire for a life in the field of veterinary medicine.  Her experiences on the ranch and at the animal clinic, cultivated her passion for working with animals and the people who love them.  Dr. Katie Carullo graduated with honors from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. 
Dr. Katherine (Katie) Carullo,
Owner & Lead DVM

The Ohio State University

Dr. Katherine (Katie) Carullo; Owner / Doctor Veterinary Medicine Cincinnati Hills Animal Clinic
The team at Cincinnati Hills Animal Clinic provides a partnership approach to veterinary medicine, by working with you to enhance your pet's well being.  We offer the benefits of a full service companion animal hospital, complete with a surgical suite, pharmacy, digital X-ray suite, and grooming facility. 


We have created our entire pet and customer experience around the statement - Your Pet...Our Priority

Our team is composed of highly trained, competent, and most importantly compassionate veterinary medical professionals.

About Our Team...

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